Massage Time – Time Out

Individual massage treatment, according to your daily form. Reserve some time for yourself, we will look for the best treatment when we meet.

CranioSacral Therapy

The biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy is a very careful and beneficial energy and body work. It supports children and pregnant women, as well as clients with physical symptoms such as pain, restlessness, sleep disorders, tinnitus, trauma, tension, malaise, etc. The touches are very gentle, have a deep effect and activate the self-healing powers on the physical, mental and spiritual level.

Energetic healing work - ThetaReading (Franziska Winkler)

ThetaReading is an easy way to connect with the spirit world. With a very simple process, you can get into the theta wave frequency within a few seconds. In this brain wave frequency one can communicate with the spirit world and heal with ease. We are always connected with everything here on earth and with the spiritual world. The following topics can be worked on: Heal mental and physical complaints, dissolve blockages, remove toxins, partnership and relationship problems, etc. ThetaReading includes spinal straightening (see description below) and can also be booked as a remote treatment.

Spine Straightening

Straightening helps with the following symptoms: Back pain, tension, lumbago, shoulder and knee joint pain, headache, migraine, tinnitus, pelvic obliquity, etc. Even a slight inclination of the pelvis can throw the entire posture out of balance and cause some of the symptoms mentioned above.  

Ear Candle

Ear candles have their origins in centuries-old cultures of different indigenous peoples. In a simple and natural way, „earcandling" leads to holistic relaxation for body, mind and soul. Warmth, pleasant scents, soft sounds and the soft crackling of the ear candle flame lead to a triad of the senses. "Earcandling" makes it possible to slide into a deep state of relaxation.

Indian Abhyanga

Ayurvedic full body massage, which has a very calming and strengthening effect on the nervous system, improves sleep and prevents diseases.

Foot Massage

Foot massage is more than just a treatment for the reflex zones. The washing and anointing of the feet, as well as the massage, offer you the opportunity to withdraw completely inward, to connect with nature and to arrive at yourself.

Relaxation Massage for expectant Mothers

This massage alleviates many of the common ailments during pregnancy. e.g. back pain, headache, heavy legs, or insomnia. Recommended from the 1st day of pregnancy until birth.

Regeneration massage after childbirth

The stressed body needs support in regeneration and the soul is receptive to loving attention.